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We require a minimum of 5 teams pre-registered to run an obedience course. ***

Angela D. Fleming ~ Certified Master Trainer cert.# 099 - 301 
Professional Memberships:  CKC, NSGSDC, IABTI, GSSCC, CWDA, ECWDC

My methods have been developed to build a bond, gain respect and still maintain a leadership role with our dog(s). I fully understand that respect comes over time as a result of good leadership; that it is possible for a dog to love and not respect you, and that you can't love your dog into respecting you. That being said, we all want our dogs to be a part of our daily lives. In order for that to be possible (and enjoyable) our dogs must be socially acceptable, well-mannered companions. The goals of our Obedience Training include teaching training theory and its practical application including possible causes, inherited factor, environmental factor, and how to modify training techniques to suit each personality. The proper choice and use of training equipment is also discussed and practiced. The objective is for the family to develop the ability to communicate with the dog in a manner which does not violate his dignity and results in an enjoyable relationship. Our methods include:
inductive ~ getting a voluntary response; which is accomplished through body language, praise, petting, sometimes food and/or toys. All of these are pleasant to the dog with praise being the most dependable.
compulsive ~ being physically put into the desired position which appears to be without reason. Compulsion should not be unpleasant. (Molding ~ another term used to describe compulsion-type training)
The correct combination of these methods at a level appropriate for the dogs temperament and drive will create a happy, stable dog that responds consistently to it's owner's commands. We never want a fear response from a dog and make sure that the dog always understands that he'll be treated fairly! We believe that this is very important to maintain a strong bond with a dog that includes trust. Dogs will naturally avoid unpleasant experiences such as those he perceives as disadvantageous to him and he will willingly pursue pleasant experiences that he thinks are a benefit to himself. Our responsibility (owner/handler) is to put you and your dog in a position of success!
"it seems like everyone has an opinion on how to train your dog! The problem is that most don't have the correct experience or educations to offer sound advice"

I began competing in obedience trials in 1999 with my first doberman, earning a High in Class at his first trial! He was ranked #7 obedience doberman in Canada that year with my female being #9) and I have since continued to compete with my dogs as time permits;

Below is a list of some dogs that I've personally trained & titled:

OTCH Ch Moonspiers Prairie Storm, UD,CGC,TT          Doberman Pinscher

HIC Titan Blue Von Ryans Luxus CD (ppd)     Doberman Pinscher (Leslie Rhys Williams)

HIC Ch Moonspiers Prairie Breeze CGC,CDX,TT,ROMC      Doberman Pinscher

HIC Ch Vigosprides Officer At Dio CDX,CGN          German Shepherd Dog

HIC Ch Dio's Quintessence of Monet CD         French Bulldog

HIC Ch Moonspiers New Beginning CD          Doberman Pinscher (G & D Laplante)

HIC Ch Shepdom's Darmariscotta CD,CGN          German Shepherd Dog (Larry Clark)

HIC Crysalis Ice Inferno At Dio CD,TT          Afghan Hound

Grp.Winning Can/Am Ch Suliman IncenDio          Afghan Hound

2X High InTrial,multi HIC  Berendhaus's Isis At Dio BH,Sch1,CDX,TD,TT     Malinois

2XHIT, HIC Malinger's Majestic Huntress BH,CGN,CD          Malinois

HIT Mi Compadre Dio BH,CD,RN,IPO1      Malinois

3X High In Trial, multi HIC  Dio's Assassin BH,CD,RN,IPO3        Malinois

EDD HIT Malinger's Tempus Fugit at Dio BH,CD,RN,TD,IGP1  Malinois   

 HIC Feldberg Canada Day Special RI     Swedish Vallhund

3 X High In Trial Dio's Sonny BH,CD, APR1,IPO1 


Our group classes are usually held at our property in fine weather; off season at Sweets Corner Hall. We offer group classes once we have met the minimum number, you must pre-register in order to get on that list

Below is a brief description of the classes that we currently offer:
Novice Obedience

This is a 7 week course including registration behaviour/training lecture & demo) which will begin your family's journey to better communication and therefore a better relationship with your pet. We encourage the entire family to attend as many classes as possible and want to see everyone working the dog; that way the commands & methods remain consistent although each person's personality may differ as well as their relationship with the dog.
Simple commands such as heel, sit, down, stay, come, finish will all be mastered on (and at the end of your) leash. This is the beginning of developing a stronger bond between family and dog. The dog also learns social behaviours by attending and working around other teams of dogs/handlers. You are setting the foundation for learning and should have a clear idea of your expectations.

YES, We also offer Board & Train packages. Please contact us for more information and prices

For suitable candidates, we also offer higher levels of training as described below:
Intermediate Obedience
Once your dog has successfully completed the Novice Obedience course and you've consistently been working your dog, it's time to sign up for the next level. We will hone your heeling skills and should be confidently working off-lead with distractions by the end of this eight week course. We will take you beyond voice commands and expect your dog to respond to hand signals. We introduce jumps, high and broad. Get your dog retrieving for you, down on recall, and expect them to complete groups stays with the owners out of sight. This level is lots of fun and challenging for both owners and dogs.

Advanced Obedience
For the truly dedicated owner/handler who have successfully completed the first two levels. We will train our dogs utility exercises including the go out, directed jumping, seek back, scent discrimination, hand signals only, & moving commands. (You've earned the right to no group "stays" at this level :0) *** It might sound easy but we will expect absolute perfection at this level.