HIT Malinger's Tempus Fugit at Dio BH, CD, RN, TD, IGP1
OFA Hips: Good / Elbows: Normal

Era is a perfect representation of the breed! Her conformation is square and sturdy and her agility is incredible. She is a light sable in colour and sports a seasonal coat - thick and plush in the winter and short and tight in the summer. She is very outgoing but also very excitable & drivey.She is a lovely working dog that challenges her handler with her speed. Era is a natural tracking dog and with her training, could soon be ready to continue in IPO or competitive obedience, tracking.
Here Pedigree can be viewed in the links below.

Pictured Below...The sire and damn of "Era": Kamatz X Ebony

Sire: http://www.working-dog.eu/dogs_details.php?id=48885&new_lan_en

Dam: les-betulacees.com/album1_007.htm