Viktor was sold as an active pet to first time Malinois owners when he was a puppy. It seems like a perfect match, he has not been trialed due to very busy schedules by his young owners but his obedience is excellent! This is what they have to say about having this big boy in the family:
"Living with Viktor.... Life has not been the same since Vik came into our lives four years ago. An energetic pup, full of life and love. He is quick to pick up on things, eager to please, and likes an active life with stimulation and play time. Viktor has taught us a lot of lessons on patience, standing your ground and living life to the fullest. A bit of a handful at times, his playful attitude and non stop affection make any bit of "work" he's been, totally worth it! His antics make us laugh everyday, and it's great to see him experience new things. He's made us both become a better people, and I've grown to appreciate everything about this crazy boy and his love for life."