I began my journey in purebred dogs with my first Afghan Hound at the age of 19. I have since remained lifelong friends with that breeder who overlooked my youth and entrusted me with a dog that truly changed my life..I was not without at least one afghan hound for the next 17 years but as I got more interested in events other than conformation and lure coursing, I added Doberman Pinschers to my household. The two breed lived in harmony and I became active in obedience with the dobermans and co-bred a couple of litters under the mentorship of Dyanne and Gerald Laplante (Moonspier Dobermans) whom I credit for the balanced temperaments, gorgeous looks and health of Dio Dobermans. Some of my accomplishments in this breed include: 
1999 - #8 , #10 CD dogs in Canada
             DPCC CD dog of the year
             ADPC Obedience Dog of the Year
2000    ADPC #3 CD Dog of the Year
             DPCC #9 of the top 10 Obedience Dogs
             ADPC CDX Dog of the Year
2001    DPCC #6, #7 overall Obedience 
              DPCC CDX Dog of the Year
2002    DPCC, ADPC, UD Dog of the Year
You can view the names of the actual dogs on the training page of this site.

It was at this point in time that I moved away from the breed and began my journey with the Belgian Malinois. My passion for obedience has continued and to that I have added tracking & Schutzhund/IPO. The Malinois is the breed for me as you'll see on this site...I am not a total breed snob and have enjoyed training and trialing one of my afghan hounds and other breeds along the way including German Shepherds, a French Bulldog and most recently a Swedish Vallhund.