Progeny of Era X Halston

Malinger's Mister X

Heartland's Jave (USA)

Heartland's Deja Blue

Heartland's Princess

Risenstar's Victoria Cross (USA)

Frieda's Home Tango

Herza Perle De Tourbiere

MHIT Berendhaus's Isis Dio BH CDX TD Sch1 TT

OFA Hips: Excellent Elbows: Normal

Halusetha's Donder WERKKAMP.'00 IPOIII

Halusetha's U.S. Timba

Malinhurst Kerry Igor Kora

Brutus Igor v.d. Sierkamp FRI

Malinhurst Kora Jaures Laska

Quatro PH2




Sari Van Joefarm

Kukay's Rolando

Unfortunately, Nature was uncooperative for 2020 - We will re-visit this plan in 2021. We apologize for everyone who was eager for a puppy from this pairing but we remain hopeful that it will take place in the future!

Planned Litter  You must contact us to be placed on a list! Preference is to working/competition homes.

HIT EDD Malinger's Tempus Fugit at Dio BH,RN,CD,TD, IGP1 (OFA Hips:Good/Elbows:Normal)
X  Multi HIT Dio's Assassin BH,RN,CD,IPO3 X2   (OFA: Hips:Excellent/Elbows:Normal)


To be considered for one of our puppies, please contact us and include details including your previous dog experience and future plans with this dog.

Before a breeding takes place, we will ask for deposits to confirm that you are serious about a puppy or trained dog from this litter. Please email your name to be added to this list and you will be contacted for confirmation.

This litter will be Canadian Kennel Club registered non-breeding contracts only. Price for a puppy from this litter $2000. + HST (15%) buyer pays for shipping and costs associated if required.

This pairing will be a total outcross, meaning that the dogs have few or no ancestors in common. But, both pedigrees have nice working dogs with balance temperaments and beautiful colours.  Both Era and Halston have superb personalities with eager to please attitudes, exceptional agility in their movements and response to commands, are environmentally solid, and with neutral attitudes towards other dogs. The puppies from this breeding should be suitable for sport, competitive obedience, tracking, detection or active family companion.


Wait list for potential litter

2010 Breeding
"Isis" bred to "Mr.X" produced a very nice litter of both strong working dogs and active companions. I really like the genetics and the look of the Halusetha's (Holland) bloodline especially since they are no longer breeding, I was happy to get that "look" in Vato.
The litter of seven consisted of five rich red with lots of black overlay and two fawns. They all show excellent scent and hunt drives and have calm, social attitudes. 
I am very happy with this litter and their "what can I do for you attitude" that makes them a pleasure to live with. So far, from this litter the dogs that have been competing have achieved: 
Multi High in Trial ATCH OTCH Dio's High Priestess CDX,RN,UD
Multi High In Trial Dio's Assassin RN,CD,BH,IPO1
High in Trial Mi Compadre Dio RN,CD,BH,IPO2

Below is a picture of Isis pregnant...                        

Multi High In Trial Berendhaus's Isis Dio BH Sch1 CDX TD TT ~ "Isis" 
Halusetha's Eros (Hol) X Malinhurst Kerry Igor Kora
 OFA Hips: Excellent / Elbows: Normal 

Isis is a tough little bitch (22", 45lbs), with tons of hunt drive, she loves detection work & tracking; Isis is serious in her protection work & has a full,calm bite! Isis competitive obedience career so far includes two High In Trials, and several High In Class! Her conformation is very sound and she is easy on the eyes, nothing exaggerated about her, she is extremely agile & light on her feet which is highly regarded in a detection dog. Her genetics have come through in her puppies

Isis Sire: Halusetha's Eros